Legalized sports betting, still not legal

New Jersey voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly passed a resolution to legalize sports betting specific facilities in the state. But now we’ve got to challenge the federal law – and we could be facing a more well-armed opposition.

Monmouth County soil inspector is charged with taking a bribe

Apparently there’s such a thing as an inspector for the Freehold Soil Conservation District, and police said a guy with that job – whatever it is he does – took a bribe.

The reunification of Princeton

After more than 100 years apart, Princeton Township and Princeton Borough finally voted to reunite – forced into it by economic necessity. Dare we hope that other New Jersey towns take the hint and start merging, too?

‘I dedicate this scandalized batting cage’

Trenton Mayor Tony Mack proudly opened a Little League batting cage facility that was cited in a recent lawsuit as an example of spending malfeasance at City Hall. They were supposed to be put up for a competitive bid. Were they?

Old rivals join Tony Mack recall effort

With recall advocates still lacking more than 2,000 signatures to force a recall election, three men who ran against Trenton Mayor Mack say this isn’t just politics. He’s got to go. “Stand by Tony” members say they’re just sore losers.

Princeton Borough and Princeton Township can just be Princeton

In an election Tuesday, a tough economy could finally make the two Princetons reunite into one government again for the first time on more than a hundred years.

‘Take a lie-detector test, Mr. Mayor’

Yes, it’s reached actually that point in Sayreville’s mayoral election. Democratic challengers have asked the Republican incumbent mayor to take a lie-detector test about a planning board recording that got partly erased.

Official stole from fire fighters’ widows

Hazlet’s former Fire Commissioner Anthony Ciavarro admitted in court last week that he stole $30,000 in death benefits that should have gone to the widows of his dead fire fighters – by making himself the beneficiary.

Did mayor fire worker for obeying the law?

Trenton’s former youth opportunity coordinator said Mayor Tony Mack laid her off because she wouldn’t give grant funds illegally, wouldn’t hire his friends and wouldn’t hand out contracts without following public bidding laws.

September floods make Lambertville set up ‘reverse 911′ phone system

After last month’s tropical storm floods taught Lambertville that they needed to be able to call everyone in an emergency, the town is setting up a reverse-911 system.