Escapee stays safe in Portugal

Convicted for a killing in 1962 where he’d been one of the robbers, George Wright busted out of Bayside State Prison in 1970, and has been living near Lisbon since 1993. But now that we’ve found him, the Portuguese court won’t extradite.

Police investigate two arson car fires on the same block in Hamilton

The fires occurred two weeks apart on the 200 block of Connecticut Avenue. Both had been started with an accelerant. But the car owners have no apparent connection.

71-year-old cab driver suspected in long-ago child molestations

Joseph T. Burns, of Piscataway, has been charged with sexually assaulting two girls in separate incidents between 1995 and 2002. Police are looking for any other witnesses.

Woman charged with stealing a purse from mourner at a funeral

Police say a 65-year-old woman from Ewing tried to take the purse out of a car at Ewing Cemetery Friday, attempting to steal from a woman who was attending a funeral there.

Low speed chase takes police on a leisurely tour of Toms River

From Bay Shore through Gilford Park onto Route 37 eastbound, over the bay bridge into Seaside Heights, onto Route 35 north to Ortley Beach, back to 37 – all the sights.

‘Help wanted. Jobless need not apply’

Crestek manufacturing company in Ewing is the first company busted under a new law forbidding employment discrimination against people who don’t have a job already. Maybe the company didn’t know the law existed, but so what?.

Police cars scan your license plate like a checker scans groceries

Freehold Township Police Department is buying yet another license plate scanner to stick on one of their patrol cars. It can grab license plates once every second.

70-year-old man run over by high-speed Acela train in Hamilton

Amtrak Acela trains have been known to travel in that area at speeds of up to 135 miles per hour. No reason has been given yet why the victim was on the tracks.

Did he goad on the pick-ax murder?

Middlesex County Assistant Prosecutor’s charged a third suspect in a brutal, utterly pointless murder in Sayreville. Michael Doce allegedly gave the accused murderer advice, and lead him to think this might help him enter organized crime.

Trenton man was shot at 13 times – and not even hurt, police say

The gunman reportedly ran right at 21-year-old Aveon Perry, firing away. So far, however, the only one arrested is the victim – charged with lying to police about his name.