Letter from Robbinsville Superintendent Steven Mayer

Dear Robbinsville Community Members,

Greetings from your school district!  In spite of the recent heat-wave, I hope you are finding ways to stay cool and enjoy some of the fun summertime has to offer.

Congratulations Class of 2012!

On June 19th, we held our graduation celebration with the Class of 2012 emphasizing once again the power and potential of Robbinsville Schools.  Of the 214 members in the graduating class, 98% are moving on to higher education. Mortarboards decorated with the mascots and logos of a wide array of outstanding colleges and universities added a festive touch to the ceremony. In his valedictory address, Chris Karousatos shared some powerful and heartfelt thoughts with his classmates.

In my speech to our graduates, I issued a challenge to students. I asked them to make an intentional choice to use the advantages they have gained as Robbinsville students to address some of the complicated problems our world faces.  With our political and educational systems in gridlock and our financial system in need of wisdom and accountability, I believe that the Robbinsville Class of 2012 can choose to make a difference and making that choice will be part of what makes us all better.

Board of Education Update

At its June 26, 2012 meeting, the Robbinsville Board of Education paid homage to many of Robbinsville High School’s premiere athletes. Athletic Director Curtis

Wyers provided highlights of the 2012 Spring season calling attention to a wide variety of individual and team triumphs.   He noted that during the past five years

110 RHS students have continued their athletic careers on the college level. This year proves to be no exception. More than 40 of our graduates will continue competing in their chosen sport(s) next year, ten of them at NCAA Division I schools!

The Board meeting also included the Annual Report on Violence, Vandalism, and Bullying. While we are certainly not free of incidents where students mistreat each other, the data is reflective of a community of students who understand the power of working together and the importance of  an  environment in which differences are the basis for respect and indicative of strength.  Coupling a student community who understands the power of interpersonal harmony with intellectual power and a strong work ethic gives me hope for the future of our country and community.

Expansion and Renovation of K-8 Facilities

In looking ahead to September and beyond, our current K-8 facilities continue to be overcrowded.  Given that both Sharon and Pond Road Schools are already operating with several hundred students above their prescribed instructional capacity, it is time for the community to collectively decide the best next steps.  The Board of Education has arrived at a plan that expands and remodels current facilities to meet the needs of the community into the foreseeable future.  The plan, slated for a public vote in December, comes in at less than half the cost of building a stand-alone school ($39.7 million referendum for new school was rejected by voters in March 2010) yet accomplishes all of the major goals associated with an expansion.

I am very pleased that the Board of Education was willing to go “back to the drawing board,” taking no option off the table so that a comprehensive and sensible plan was reached.  By adding classrooms to Sharon School, increasing core space, and renovating facilities at both Pond and Sharon, the district will have three facilities that reflect the standard of excellence expected by the district, parents and the community at a reasonable cost.  With annual caps on spending, our district can simply no longer afford to use temporary solutions to a permanent problem.  Again, please stay connected to the school district website to receive up-to-date information about facility planning or events that are scheduled to provide detailed information about the expansion plan.

Our offices are staffed all summer in the event that any questions arise.  I trust that each of you will have an opportunity to enjoy some time away with family and friends in order to rest and refresh.


Steven J. Mayer