Cherry Valley’s women’s golf team advances to inter-district playoffs

Cherry Valley Country Club in Skillman, New Jersey ( has long been known as a very “woman friendly” club. This may best be exemplified by its Women’s Met Golf team. As a result of their recent 60th victory in a row, they have become New Jersey’s top team. This achievement has taken place over the last 10 years.

“The success of our Women’s Met team is a tribute to the players’ commitment, our golf program led by Director of Golf Allan Bowman and our overall club history and culture that has attracted such great women players,” club president Hugh Hurley said.

Team members who have contributed to the win streak include Captain Sue Sardi, Kamille Caufield, Peggy Ference, Donna Cortina, Julie Manahan, Mary Pucarelli, Kathy Rosenberg, Judy Vogt, and Colleen Cosgrove.

The Women’s Metropolitan Golf Association, Inc., the second oldest golf association for women in the United States, was founded in October 1899 one year after the Women’s Golf Association of Philadelphia.

The membership territory is divided into three districts: Long Island, which includes all of Long Island, New Jersey, which covers a large portion of northern and central New Jersey and includes Staten Island and parts of Rockland County, NY, and Westchester, which takes in parts of Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT.