Statement from Robbinsville Mayor Dave Fried

“By now many of you are aware of the allegations that have been leveled against Hamilton Township Mayor John Bencivengo. I feel it is important to take a moment and respond so that the residents of Robbinsville are provided with important facts that will help them draw their own informed conclusions. As was reported, Mayor Bencivengo and I are friends. This should come as no surprise. As mayors of neighboring communities, we have had to work together to solve common problems for the benefit of both Hamilton and Robbinsville residents. Additionally, we have worked together within the Mercer County Republican Party and from these professional interactions, a personal friendship developed. In addition, as I have stated, Robbinsville Township has previously obtained health care benefits via the same firm named in recent media accounts. Therefore, it would seem logical that the authorities would look into any communications between John and myself as part of their investigation.

This entire situation has come as a complete surprise. If what I have read about Mayor Bencivengo turns out to be true, I will be extremely shocked and disappointed because that is not the John Bencivengo I have come to know. However, friendship or no friendship, I cannot and will not condone any illegal conduct, alleged or proven, from anyone within my professional or personal networks. In that regard, the Township will be immediately terminating its association with Allen & Associates. Furthermore, I would like to assure the residents of Robbinsville that I have not engaged in any illicit activity and I, along with my administration, will cooperate fully with any investigation.”

Mayor Dave Fried