Robbinsville to hold Mercer Mobile Homes deal makers accountable

Despite the unwillingness of Mercer Mobile Homes owner Larry Kaufman to effectively communicate in good faith with the township regarding the proposed sale of the 147-unit facility, Mayor Dave Fried said he respects the owner’s right to sell to a third party, Maryland-based Horizon Land Co., LLC.

However, Fried intends to make certain residents there are treated fairly and that their needs regarding infrastructure and other improvements are met.

“Business is business and we respect the rights of the new property owner, but at the end of the day it is the rights and the quality of life for the residents of that park, who faithfully paying their rent each month, that is of utmost importance to us,” Fried said.

“We also want to be clear that the township will not tolerate idle threats from out-of-state conglomerates and absentee landlords. We will not be bullied. The township is absolutely committed to improving the lives of those residents; that includes not only improvements, but also keeping rents affordable. Managing a mobile park of this size requires more than just firing off a few flowery press releases, and we sincerely hope the folks at Horizon have better communication with Kaufman than we had.”

Township residents are encouraged to voice any concerns to Kaufman at (609) 577-1488.