Art contest winners awarded

The winners of Montgomery’s Lower Middle School (LMS) fifth grade recycled art contest were announced and awarded ribbons by Superintendent of Schools Earl Kim on April 19.

Kim said was proud of the students and impressed by their creative efforts.

He also explained why it was important to recognize the contest.

“It validates the work that kids do,” Kim said. “It reinforces the importance of the work that they’re doing, whether it’s in school or outside of school.”

The contest, which began in late March, required students to construct creative and innovative artwork from recyclable materials. The students had one month to build the projects, which were turned in on April 13 – and voted on from April 16 through April 18 by the fifth-grade students and teachers.

More than 50 fifth-graders at LMS participated in the contest.

There were winners picked for each of the eight categories, which included Best Jewelry/Clothing, Best Animal, Montgomery Spirit, Best Use of Plastic, Best Use of Paper, Best Use of Aluminum/Metal, Best Sport and Best Use of All Recyclables.

The winning designs included a dress made from a black garbage bag with soda can and bottle-cap decorations; a bird composed of aluminum foil; a car constructed from a Gatorade bottle and various bottle caps; a container composed of plastic and accented with various bottle caps; a scenario that featured a lake with a canoe, a room and a table, all composed of magazine paper and newspaper; a plane with a soda can body, accompanied by pieces of metal and soda cans for its wings and other accents; a mock soda vending machine made out of cardboard, plastic and soda cans; and a detailed robot, whose body was made from cereal boxes, aluminum foil, soda cans and water bottles.

There were also awards given for the Principal’s, Vice Principal’s and Teacher’s Choices. The Principal’s Choice was awarded to the boy who constructed a robot; the Vice Principal’s Choice was awarded to the two girls who organized the scenario; and the Teacher’s Choice was awarded to a girl who composed the dress out of a garbage bag.

Girl Scout Troop No. 61280, which is working on a Bronze Award, organized the entire contest, now in its third year.

Lysa Wilson, co-leader of Troop No. 61280, explained the Bronze Award and its relevance to the contest.

“The Bronze Award is the first award level in Girl Scouting when you’re a junior,” she said. “They have to spend 20 hours working on a project that’s for the good of the community, and they chose to do this.”