Montgomery EMS operates year round, free of charge

Montgomery EMS provides basic-life support ambulance service, at no charge, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, within the township of Montgomery.

MEMS provides more for the community than just providing emergency service.

MEMS also performs standbys at fire scenes, community events and serves as back up (known as mutual aid) to neighboring towns. It offers community CPR training and provides blood pressure checks at the senior center. If the workforce will allow it, MEMS will provide non-emergent transportation from the hospital to home, for members of our community who are unable to walk.

MEMS consists entirely of volunteers who dedicate their free time to serving their community. Members range from students to retirees. There are lawyers, accountants, sales-people, nurses, engineers, teachers and medical students on board.

MEMS is always looking for new members willing to help serve the community.

In addition to looking for people willing to train to be emergency medical technicians (EMTs), we also accept members willing to train as ambulance drivers or as support staff.

We expect Montgomery EMS members to be worthy of being placed in the highest of public trust. When citizens need our assistance, frequently they are in times of extreme physical and emotional vulnerability. Therefore, we do require prospective members submit to a background check and a review of their driving record as part of the application process.

Certainly, one of the better-known benefits of volunteering at MEMS is the impact on the community.

Our actions make a positive difference.

We are neighbors helping neighbors; we know helping people during emergency situations makes a huge difference in their lives.

Volunteering with us allows you to connect to your community and help make it a better place. Here’s a chance to give back to the community that you call home.

Membership consists of residents of Montgomery Township and municipalities, who work in Montgomery and have progressive employers who are willing to let their workers take time off to respond to emergencies when needed.  We will cover the cost of training a new member if they agree to be placed on the shift schedule and honor the minimum monthly time commitment.

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You can also email us at, or call us at (908) 359-4112.

Montgomery EMS is not affiliated with any hospital and is not a municipal entity. It is 100 percent volunteer and does not charge for services.

It relies solely on volunteers and the donations.