Township committeeman thanks departing colleagues

I would like to thank two of my Township Committee colleagues who will not be with us in 2012, Mark Caliguire and Kacey Dyer.  It has been a tremendous pleasure serving with both of them.

Mark and Kacey are perfect examples of how residents can impact our town for the better.  Over the past few years, they have been the driving force for getting Montgomery back on the right track.  They never took the easy way out by passing huge tax increases or slashing services, but rather they focused on doing more with less and developing creative solutions to address our challenges.

During their tenure, spending has been reduced to 2004 levels without impacting services.  Municipal taxes have been stabilized and debt has been significantly reduced.  Hundreds of thousands of tax dollars are being saved each year through shared and consolidated services, and Skillman Park is now a reality.  This is a record both Mark and Kacey can be very proud of.

Despite the fact that Mark and Kacey won’t be on the Township Committee anymore, they will still be representing Montgomery – Mark through being a Somerset County Freeholder and Kacey as a volunteer to several of our important boards and committees.  Once again, thank you for your service, past and future.  They have set a very high standard for the Township Committee, but we will do everything to try and meet it in 2012.

Ed Trzaska

Montgomery Township Committee