Robbery of codeine cough syrup bottle almost causes shooting

A gun was drawn in Toms River over a bottle of codeine cough syrup, according to the Asbury Park Press.

Police charged that two local men – Dominic Piccini, 19, and Michael Sica, 21 – were trying to sell the narcotic cough remedy for $50. Two other suspects were in Piccini’s car in the Ocean County Mall parking lot when one of them grabbed the syrup and the two victim’s cellular phones, and fled.

Piccini and Sica chased the alleged thieves to a black Ford Taurus that had two other men. One man pointed a black semi-automatic gun at Piccini and Sica, who raised their hands and backed away. The victims found their cell phones on the ground on their way back to their car.

Witnesses phoned in the incident to police at about 2 p.m..

Charged in the armed robbery are Nyguan Brinson, 18, of Manchester Township; Davante Tinnery, 19, and Steven Reeves, 18, both of South Toms River; and Richard Irving, 20, of Lakehurst.

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